About Michele

Born and raised in Kitchener-Waterloo, my professional career in the region’s customer service industry spans over two decades and centres upon the well-known Casa Rugantino restaurant. A family-owned business for over 35 years, it was here that I honed the high standards of customer service and satisfaction that I now hold myself to as a real estate sales representative for McIntyre Real Estate Service Inc.

During this time, I successfully managed and operated the business to industry-leading levels of quality and consistency, which have helped the long-standing establishment continue to secure an impressive reputation in the area. At the same time, I also participated as a member of the Belmont Improvement Association, an organization dedicated to ongoing improvements to the Belmont Village community for both the public and business alike.

Today, my professional objective is to provide exceptional service in helping both buyers and sellers achieve their real estate goals. I’m confident in my ability to listen perceptively to clients needs, and am committed to delivering current, reliable and timely information to my clients in order to help them build a solid foundation for making thorough and exciting real estate decisions. And, when I’m not hard at work for my clients, I enjoy cooking and entertaining, and spending time with my family, especially my two beautiful little girls!